John 11:  I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die.

A funeral marks the close of a human life on earth. Family and friends come together to express grief, give thanks for the life lived and commend the person into God's keeping. Everyone is entitled to either a burial service (funeral) or to have their ashes buried in their local parish churchyard regardless of whether they attended church or not.

Anyone who was a resident in Clutton or Temple Cloud at the time of their death, may be buried in the Churchyard at St Augustine’s Church. Residents of Cameley or those with a strong connection to Cameley village or Church may be buried at St James. Requests for burial of persons residing outside of the villages will be considered providing there is a strong historical or family connection. The same rules apply for the interment of Ashes.

The PCC only allows burial plots to be reserved in exceptional circumstances and there is a significant fee for this, set by the Diocese of Bath & Wells.

Monuments can only be erected 6 months or more after burial/interment to allow the ground to settle. There are strict guidelines as to the size and type of monument allowed and any proposal outside of the guidelines must first be discussed with the Rector. The guidelines are published on the noticeboards in the Churchyards. Ashes may be interred but it is not permissible for ashes to be scattered in the Churchyard.

If you would like to discuss a funeral, interment, monument or memorial service, please contact the Rector using the details on the contact page on this website.